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Where do I start?

Mind Training Random - This will take you to one of the instructions at random, where you can use the buttons and links to explore the seven points, or use the grasshopper to make another random jump. (Firefox/Safari/Netscape users: Try dragging the grasshopper onto your bookmarks toolbar to make a permanent bookmark to a random mind training instruction.)

Mind Training Map - A map of the seven points and all the instructions. Click on any instruction to go to the appropriate page.

Mind Training Index - The full set of instructions that comprise the seven points of mind training. The instructions are linked so you can go directly to the one you want to explore.

How can I use this resource?

Each of the 59 instructions has its own page that includes the instruction, a brief explanation, a picture, and related instructions. You can use these instructions for:

Practice - Use any of the instructions or explanations as a basis for contemplation, reflecting on how this instruction applies to your life and your practice.

Advice - Are you caught in a situation and you don't know what to do, what's right, or how to approach it?

  • Click here to be taken to an instruction at random, or
  • Click here to look over the instructions and select one that resonates with you.

Then look at the explanation and let it reverberate in you.

You can also set a bookmark to cause your browser to jump to a random page directly. Here are the instructions for setting the bookmark in Internet Explorer (Netscape to be added at a later date):

  1. Under "Favorites" select "New Favorite"
  2. A dialog box comes up inviting you to:
  3. Name the bookmark (beside "Name", something like "MindTraining" would be good) and...
  4. Type in the address, which is http://www.unfetteredmind.com/mindtraining/rand.php

Reference - Use this site as a reference or a reminder of the meanings and connections in the instructions.

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