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Across the very top of each page are four rectangular buttons:

  • Main Site Directory takes you back to the home page of Unfettered Mind
  • Introduction returns you to these introductory pages
  • Root Text takes you directly to the full index of instructions
  • Mind Training Map takes you to the visual map showing all the instructions

Below each set of instructions are six buttons:

back previous Grasshopper next back postcard
  • BACK go back in the sequence you are viewing
  • PREV the preceding sequential instruction
  • HOP a randomly chosen instruction
  • NEXT the next sequential instruction
  • FORWARD go forward in the sequence you are viewing
  • POSTCARD send an ecard of the current instruction to a friend

You'll also find a list of Related Instructions underneath the explanation. These link to their respective pages.

  • Root text takes you to a sequential list of links to all instructions
  • Map takes you to a visual map of Mind Training in Seven Points